You should not once again tell how useful goat milk is for the human body, especially for children. Therefore, many farmers, knowing this, are engaged in goat breeding. This business can bring excellent income if you approach the issue correctly. Novice farmers may wonder how to milk goats more efficiently: manually or using milking equipment. If your farm has up to 5 goats, then there is no particular point in buying a milking machine. But if there are more animals, then you can’t do without a special device. Let’s talk about how to properly milk a goat with a milking machine, where to get it, and what to look for when choosing a unit.

A milking machine is an installation that simulates manual milking. It is very important that such a device is fully consistent with the simulation of the process of feeding a kid. The mode of operation, tactile sensations, should be as close to natural as possible. If all these conditions are met, then in this case you can achieve good results: increase milk yield, reduce the risk of various diseases of the animal. High-quality apparatus and compliance with the rules for its use – this is the key to success.

Proper milking of a goat with a milking machine consists in the following actions:

  1. Before starting work, the udder of the animal and the milking device should be well disinfected.
  2. Before connecting the milking machine to the udder, it is necessary to wipe the nipples dry in order to avoid the development of diseases in other animals.
  3. After the device is connected, it is necessary to ensure that the vacuum is set to the standards specified by the manufacturer. The hanging part should fit snugly against the udder, air leaks should not be allowed. It is very fast to attach the suspension part, approximately one minute after the udder has been processed.
  4. It is very important to prevent milking. The operator should see that the milk flow has decreased, which means that it is necessary to turn off the device.
  5. In no case should you tear off the teatcups from the udder of the animal while the machine is working. You can damage your nipples very much, and the process of restoring the udder is very long and difficult.
  6. After each milking procedure, be sure to wash the milking machine – do not allow bacteria and microorganisms to appear in it.

How to use Goat Milking Machine

If you follow the correct algorithm for the process of milking a goat with the help of a milking machine, you can easily get large yields and seek to increase the efficiency of your farm. To do this, it is enough to simply follow all the recommendations for the operation of the equipment that the manufacturer indicates and you should not have any problems with milking.