It is impossible to deny the benefits of dairy products. All athletes in the world have already learned the magic of cottage cheese and various yogurts. Almost no meal can do without milk, especially when it comes to baking.

A large amount of protein, calcium and other beneficial substances in milk are responsible for the growth and restoration of muscles, bones, hair, nails. They directly affect the condition of the skin and teeth. It does not make sense to list all the useful properties of these products, it is better to discuss how to get them at home.

Factory dairy products are now causing concern. We can not be sure of the composition of the purchased cottage cheese or sour cream. So how do you protect yourself? To make milk yourself, of course!

Homemade milk separation has long been used in rural areas. For a city dweller, most often, the delights of fresh produce from his own garden or from his cow are not available. But it’s very in vain, because for this there will be enough high-quality proven raw materials and a compact separator, which even in a small apartment will not take up much space.

Although the separation of milk at home can be carried out using a homemade separator, it is better to give preference to models of production assembly. So you get a guarantee of their quality and the ability to repair the device in the event of a breakdown.

Moreover, now you can buy a separator, which also has an oil churn option. Such a cost-effective investment will not only provide you with home-made products almost “from your grandmother”, but also save money.

How to Organize the Separate Cream From Milk?

In order for milk processing in the separator to be of high quality, pay attention to two nuances:

  • High-quality raw materials – without good milk, even a sophisticated separator will not create a miracle. It is important not to overdo it with fat content, the optimal content can be considered 3%. Also watch out for acidity and temperature: slightly warmed milk is better suited to processing. Also, first clean the milk from wool and other particles so that then this “something” does not appear in your plate or clogs in the details of the separator.
  • Proper operation – use the separator only in accordance with the instructions. It is important to properly care for the separator, rinse and clean all parts after each use. Before starting work, carefully study the circuit diagram of the device and assemble it, based on the instructions. Before pouring milk into the receiver, spend one cycle with ordinary warm water. This will allow the detergent to be washed off after the last use or to remove the top layer of dust.

Important! All parts in the structure must fit snugly against each other without gaps.

How to use a milk separator

In order for milk separation to occur efficiently, it is enough to buy the best cream separator machine.

Each separator model uses its own type of drive: manual and electric. The first is suitable, rather, to produce cream separation for personal use. This option does not depend on electricity and will cope with small amounts of raw materials. It also has a basic, straightforward design that facilitates repairs. The second is more appropriate in large farms or enterprises. In most cases, these are complex mechanisms with a maximum level of automation.